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Interplay and Alpine Studios Announce Stonekeep Development Project

Interplay and Alpine Studios Announce Stonekeep WiiWare™
January 11th, 2010, 5:00 PM - PRESS RELEASE
A New Generation of Gamers Will Seek Fortune and Glory in Stonekeep

(January 11th, 2010) — Interplay Entertainment Corp. and Alpine Studios today announce their partnership to revive Stonekeep, the hit PC game originally published by Interplay.

"We are very happy that Alpine Studios shares our enthusiasm to develop a new title based on this classic Interplay adventure game. With Stonekeep we continue our strategy to introduce our legendary portfolio to a new generation of players", said Hervé Caen, CEO of Interplay. "The new game play will provide fun, a little fear and many exciting moments to all family members who dare to seek their fortunes and rid Stonekeep´s dungeons and corridors of evil using the Wii Remote™ controller," said Les Pardew, the founder of Alpine Studios.

The new Stonekeep is expected for initial release during the third quarter of 2010 and is planned for electronic distribution through Nintendo's WiiWare™ service.

About Interplay
Founded in 1983, Interplay Entertainment is a developer, publisher and licensor of video game software headquartered in Southern California. The company has produced and licensed titles for many of the most popular interactive entertainment software platforms in the action/arcade, adventure/RPG and strategy/puzzle categories. Its portfolio of well-recognized Intellectual Properties includes Battlechess, Clayfighter, Dark Alliance, Descent, Earthworm Jim, Freespace, Giants, Messiah, MDK, Run Like Hell, Sacrifice and Stonekeep. Interplay also holds exclusive distribution rights to certain existing Fallout and Redneck titles. For more information, please visit

About Alpine Studios
Alpine Studios specializes in the development of exciting and fun video games for the entire family. The company is based in American Fork, Utah.