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Death and the Fly Flies Home

Death and the Fly is Now Available!


Enter Death's world and seek his missing scythe...

Control two very different characters, Death and the Fly. Death will move anything in his way in order to find his scythe and Fly can reach places even Death can't go. Switch between them and use both their unique abilities to solve 36 puzzling levels. Navigate a colorful, disturbing and grotesque world and face numerous opponents. Discover the many interesting ways that even Death can die.

  • Unique, grotesque design.
  • Bizarre graphics.
  • Gothic music.
  • Two different characters to control, each with a different skill set.
  • Traps and bonuses.
  • A side-scrolling platform action puzzle game.
  • Gather treasures to buy power ups in the in-game shop.
  • Find power ups hidden in the levels.
  • Many deaths.
  • Many flies.
  • Many different opponents.
  • Many hours of play with 36 challenging levels.

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