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Your King Calls You to Arms!

Your King Calls You to Arms!

Los Angeles - Monday, March 17th, 2014

Interplay releases an exciting new version of its darkly humorous game of animated chess pieces through Steam's Early Access today.

Battle Chess: Game of Kings is ready for a whole new generation of Battle Chess fanatics. In Battle Chess, your chess pieces come to life, stride across the board, and use swords, magic and guile to capture your opponents with completely new animations, including facial animations and multiple variations of combat for each combination of pieces.

If you have never played chess before, Game of Kings is a perfect introduction and offers a world class game engine optimized for all possible levels of opponents. Battle Chess includes a full set of tutorials, as well as numerous challenges to help teach and reinforce the standard rules of chess. For experienced players, the Game of Kings features adjustable A.I.

Game of Kings will feature online play and, at full release, will ultimately include a multiplayer matching service, achievements, ladder rankings and stat keeping.

The Battle Chess franchise continues to captivate millions of fans and chess players alike. Available for Steam Early Access today, Battle Chess is again the Game of Kings!

Interested? Visit the Steam page for the early access version of Battle Chess: Game of Kings today!

Based in Los Angeles, California, Interplay Entertainment was founded in 1983. Interplay Entertainment is a developer, publisher, and licensor of video game software. Battle Chess is a trademark of Interplay Entertainment. Copyright (C) 1983-2014 Interplay Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.