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FreeSpace 2 on Steam!

The sequel to the award-winning, classic space combat sim returns.

FreeSpace 2 gives you new features, ships and missions. Fly past gigantic capital ships as they engage in combat with beam weapons wider than your fighter. Beam weapons powerful enough to carve even the largest capital ships in half. Take control of bombers as they attack these leviathans with anti-ship torpedoes. Command up to 11 squadmates in battle. FreeSpace 2 includes FRED2, a powerful editor for creating your own missions and campaigns

New Features:

  • Over 20 weapons of mass destruction
  • 8-player via LAN or Internet
  • Includes 30 missions with over 70 new ships ranging from Super Capital Ships to stealth fighters
  • FRED2 editor for creating your own missions and campaigns

The fan-favorite FreeSpace™ 2 is available right now on Steam!
For a limited time, save 50% on FreeSpace 2.