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Remastered ClayFighter Announced!


Interplay and Drip Drop Games To Sculpt a Remastered ClayFighter!

February 28, 2015 – Wondering what is behind all the snowy weather this winter? It could be our fault... because we are bringing back Bad Mr. Frosty!

Interplay and Drip Drop Games are hard at work on remastering Interplay's classic fighting game series, ClayFighter! The game will be packed with the best of all previous ClayFighter titles, including:

  • Characters such as Bad Mr. Frosty, Blue Suede Goo, Earthworm Jim, Hoppy, Boogerman, Tiny - and more with over 20 characters total!
  • Over 20 familiar environments from the series to duke it out in!
  • Brand new gameplay introducing new mechanics to the series such as double jumping, air dashing, counters, and reversals!
  • Unique supers and 'Claytality' moves for each character!

The game will feature remastered audio and high resolution visuals providing the ultimate clay based gaming experience!

This remastered Clayfighter is slated for release on personal computers in 2016.

About Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Founded in 1983, Interplay Entertainment Corp. is a developer, publisher and licensor of video game software and other entertainment merchandise headquartered in Southern California. The Company has produced and licensed titles for many of the most popular interactive entertainment software platforms in the action/arcade, adventure/RPG and strategy/puzzle categories. Its portfolio of well-recognized Intellectual Properties includes Battlechess, ClayFighter, Dark Alliance, Descent, Dragon Wars, Earthworm Jim, Freespace, Giants, Messiah, MDK, Run Like Hell, Sacrifice, Stonekeep and Toonstruck. Interplay also holds exclusive distribution rights to certain existing Redneck titles.

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