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Descent: Underground Early Access

Descent Undergeround

A true first person shooter deserves all six degrees of freedom. Fight through twisting tunnels & vast caverns where the concepts of up and down mean nothing and danger lurks around every corner. This is Descent: Undergound!

Descendent Studios is blasting the full-freedom shooter Descent into the 21st Century with next-generation gaming technology built on Unreal Engine 4!

Descent: Undergound is both a prequel to the Descent series and a modernization of the original game play. Descent: Undergound stays true to the original flight mechanics, arcade style combat, and tightly twisting map design while taking it to the next level!

Descent: Undergound includes:

  • Multiplayer shooter action in a full six degrees of freedom
  • A variety of customizable ships and roles suit every play style
  • Individual and team game modes for multiplayer
  • Community-driven development w/ weekly video streams
  • Mine for resources, power-ups, and to locate hidden tunnels
  • Prove your prowess with rankings, achievements, and leaderboards
  • Singleplayer storyline missions

Descent: Undergound is now available via Early Access on Steam. Click here for more information.

Descent Undergeround