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Interplay Discovery™ is your place to find new games from rising developers. In the past, Bioware, Blizzard, High Voltage, Planet Moon, Shiny, Snowblind, and Volition have all been published by Interplay. Now, the Interplay Discovery™ program brings you new great titles from the following developers:

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Death and the Fly™

Unique 2D puzzle platform action

Players will control two very different characters, Death and the Fly. Each character has special skills that must be used to navigate the many traps and puzzles contained in each level. With many interesting ways to die and numerous opponents to face, the player will be challenged and entertained for hours.

  • Unique, grotesque design.
  • Unique graphics.
  • Unique music.
  • Two different characters to control, each with his own skills.
  • Traps and bonuses.
  • Side-scrolling 2d platform puzzle game.
  • In-game shop.
  • Power-up skills.
  • Many deaths.
  • Many flies.
  • Many different opponents.
  • Many hours of play.
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About PIG

We are Independent Programmist Group (PIG). PiggyOne is head-of-everything and also main programmist, musician. PiggyTwo is a graphician and a designer. In a short sentence... passion is our choice.

For more information, please visit

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Match-3 gameplay at a whole new speed!

Hey, can ya answer a question for me? Maybe it's just that I'm older than the dirt I'm standin' on, but why is it every Match 3 puzzle game makes ya get 3-in-a-row? Not just 3 touching - 3 in a row. If ya had 3 chickens with one in front, one to the side, and one behind, that's still 3 chickens, right? That's a match, in't?

  • Match three or more items at a time, but not necessarily in a row, to build your farm. More match opportunities.
  • Move eight directions, not four. More strategies.
  • 26 Levels per game.
  • Four Difficulty settings.
  • Chain reactions - which can be turned off to increase the difficulty.
  • Alaska Mode - where you'll fight against ever-freezing ground
  • Blitz Mode - where you have 1 minute per level to get maximum score.
  • For PCs with Windows XP, Vista and 7
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Pinball Yeah!™

Pirates, Leprechauns, Krakens, Artificial Intelligence, a metal ball and your thumbs. The secret formula that takes you deep into a new and innovative fantasy pinball experience.

Embrace a virtual world controlled by an evil A.I., with no purpose other than to seek your high-score's demise! Four tables are available for your thumbs delight:

  • Outsmart the wicked A.I. to gain access to other simulations.
  • Assist the pirates against the mighty Kraken, while keeping an eye out for treasure!
  • Quench your thirst and grab a handful of peanuts at "Ye Old Irish Pub" to help you focus on your quest for the Leprechaun's life savings!
  • Get some classic pinball action on, without bothering your parents for an endless sum of coins!

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About Coderunners

We are an experienced small group of artists and coders, united by the same vision: to bring exciting and original products to market. As gamers ourselves, we strive to make a difference through new immersive gameplay and features in our games. Pinball Yeah! is our first game and it was created by 4 of us. We plan to add more talent to our team as we grow to provide you with quality entertainment.

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Tommy Tronic™

Platform gaming for the young or the young at heart!

Tommy Tronic: the superlative execution of an extremely difficult trick - a game for all ages! Whether young or old, Tommy Tronic will engage you and keep you curious as to just what will be around the next corner! Set in a sprawling, haunted woodland, the player is taken across 12 levels of child-like imagination and mayhem. Where else will huge angry Carrots chase you? Or mutated Tomatoes upset the food chain? Use power-ups and weapons wisely to progress and keep a keen eye out for secret areas and bonus rooms. With luck, not only will Tommy be reunited with his four-legged chum, you will also give a cruel bully what's coming to him too!

Harry Balls Review: Game Rating: 4/5

Indie Gamer Review: 4½ out of 5 Stars!

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About Oasis Games

Oasis Games is a relaxed but determined new development team. Our emphasis will be on fun and whacky games that don't take themselves too seriously.

Separately we have many years experience designing and making games. We have been working together for less than twelve months at Oasis Games and Tommy Tronic is our first collective effort.

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