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Grab some portable fun for your Nintendo DSi™ with these downloadable games from Interplay. Available only on Nintendo DSiWare™.

T-Rex Rumble Buy Now Customer Support

T-Rex Rumble


  • First true RTS available on Nintendo DS, give orders while the battle rages
  • Intuitive touch interface gives you full control using as little as one finger
  • Build villages inhabited by more than 20 men
  • Fight dinosaurs using clubs, axes, spears, bombs and magic!
  • Make 4 different types of soldiers, each with different strengths and weaknesses
  • Save humanity from extinction!
ESRB E10+ Rating

Mild Cartoon Violence
PEGI 12 Rating

Game contains depictions of violence
USK 6 Jahren Rating OFLC PG Rating

Prehistorik Man Buy Now Customer Support

Prehistorik Man


  • A fast-paced action platformer, packed full of special missions
  • Hundreds of secret areas hidden throughout 22 breathtaking levels
  • A large arsenal of weapons
  • Various different vehicles to use including hang-gliders, pogo-sticks, raft and more!
  • Huge, stunning end of level bosses to battle, including the terrible guardian of the graveyard
ESRB E Rating

Mild Violence
PEGI 7 Rating

Game contains depictions of violence
USK 0 Rating OFLC PG Rating

Other Nintendo DSiWare™ titles will be available shortly. Check back for more info!