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  • Bounce on the head of your enemy to increase the number of dropped bones (up to a maximum of four).
  • You can use bones to purchase additional credits in some of the shops.
  • It is possible to collect more than nine lives so always collect a life when you can.
  • You can launch yourself in the hang-glider by jumping off a cliff or running until the hang-glider inflates and then jumping into the air. Stay aloft by climbing and diving.


Highlight the following text to reveal special passwords.

WARNING: Some of these passwords will remove the challenge of playing the game!

  • Activate Level Selection:  "BLV45670RJ"

During the game, press "Select" to skip the current level. Press "Start" to go to Pause Mode, then "Select" to choose level.

  • Activate invulnerability:  "JQX4321SKB"
  • Show the end:  "SHWNDPRT"
  • Show the credits:  "SHWCRDTS"
ESRB E Rating

Mild Violence
PEGI 7 Rating

Game contains depictions of violence
USK 0 Rating OFLC PG Rating

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