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Interplay Discovery
Additional details for developers about the submission process:

  • Once you contact us, we will send you a reciprocal NDA and a submission agreement. Both of these documents MUST be signed and returned before we can proceed.
  • We need to see a demo of your game. We’re looking for quality submissions that have the most important of all features: fun! Our motto is "By Gamers, For Gamers". We want people to enjoy playing your game and we have to see that potential.
  • We’re only interested in agreements that cover all platforms and include world-wide rights.
  • If your submission is selected, we will work with you to test and fine tune the game. We will suggest changes and modifications to improve the sales potential and increase the fun factor.
  • You will be actively involved in the creative side of preparing for the release, and distribution, of your game.
  • Your game may be released on electronic platforms, on a worldwide basis. In some cases, your game may also also be released through physical distribution.
  • We keep only a low commission on the net revenues.
  • Our goal is for both parties to be successful and to continue to work together for decades!

Once you’re ready for submission, contact us to begin. You will receive a response within a business week. Finished games can be ready for publication in just a few short weeks.

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