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Technical Support

Redneck Deer Huntin'

Platforms:   Windows 9X
System Requirements:

  • DOS 5.5, Windows 95/98 *Not Compatible with Windows XP or 2000*
  • IBM or 100% compatible PentiumTM 90
  • 16 MB of RAM, 80 MB of free hard disk space
  • 1x CD-ROM drive
  • LocalBus or PCI SVGA video card
  • Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card
  • System Recommended:
    Installation Tips: Default Install Directory: C:\INTRPLAY\HUNTIN

    To Install Game:
    DOS Installation -
    1. Type D:\INSTALL (Or substitute a different letter for "D" if your cd-rom drive is a different letter.)
    2. Follow on-screen instructions.

    Windows95 Installation -

    1. Insert the cd-rom disk and click "INSTALL" to begin.
    2. If you need to install again, from Windows 95 double-click "My Computer" then double click the CD-ROM icon, then double-click the "Install" icon.
    3. Follow on-screen instructions.

    Game Executable: HUNTIN.BAT

    To start Game:
    In DOS -

    1. Type CD\INTRPLAY\HUNTIN and hit enter.
    2. Then type HUNTIN and hit enter

    In Windows95 -

    1. Click on the START button.
    2. Click on the Shut Down item.
    3. Choose Restart in MS-DOS mode.
    4. Follow the instruction above for running within DOS.

    To Re-run the Setup: SETUP.EXE

    FAQ: Problem: I am getting an error "Playback failed, possibly due to an invalid or conflicting IRQ."

    Solution: You will receive this error if the game cannot find your sound card you specified in the games SETUP program. First, you will want to make sure that you are in DOS. If you have a Windows95 machine make sure that you are choosing to "Shut Down and restart in MS-DOS mode". We have seen many sound cards that are SoundBlaster compatible but only in true DOS mode. Once in DOS you will want to run the games SETUP and reselect your sound card. If you are still receiving this error in DOS with the proper sound card selected than your DOS sound card drivers have not been installed. Please consult your sound card manufacturer for the proper installation of your DOS sound card drivers.

    Problem: The sound and animation is *very* jerky.

    Solution: This will happen if you run Windows 95. It may also happen on computers running plain DOS (without Windows 95) if some other program like SMARTDRV.EXE is taking up a lot of memory. The first thing to try, as mentioned in the printed reference card, is to restart your computer in MS-DOS mode before you play. The additional memory freed up by the absence of Windows 95 should let the game play much faster.

    Problem: When I restart my computer in MS-DOS mode and try to play the game, I don't get any sound.

    Solution: If this happens, it means your computer wasn't configured properly at the factory to make use of your CD-ROM drive, sound card, or mouse. You will want to contact the manufacturer of your sound card to get updated DOS drivers and any installation help you may need.

    Problem: I launch the game but it just displays a black screen and locks up.

    Solution: Usually due to selecting the improper sound card or no DOS sound drivers. You will want to try running the SETUP and selecting no sound. If you are still getting a black screen it is going to be a VESA related issue. This happens on the ATI Mach32 video card with certain versions of ATI's VESA driver software. If you have a Mach32, try using the VESA video driver that came with the video card. (We have seen problems using newer versions of the VESA driver.)

    If you have a different video card, contact the video card company to obtain a VESA driver. This is usually available on video card companies' World Wide Web and BBS sites.

    Problem: This game is too dark!

    Solution: Adjust your monitor first, *then* press ESC and choose Options and then adjust the screen brightness.

    Problem: The game seems slow and choppy.

    Solution: If you are experiencing slow game play, there are some options we can disable, or adjust that should help.

    **Try running SMARTDRV.EXE in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Make sure you add the option for caching the harddrive you installed Deer Huntin' to. Here is an example of the Smartdrv.exe line in the Autoexec.bat file for a system using Windows 95. If you have DOS only, please replace C:\WINDOWS with C:\DOS.


    If the game still runs too slow, try using 4096 instead of 2048. This number represents the amount of memory Smartdrv will use. If this is set too high, your system may not have enough free memory to run the game. If you experience any memory errors, please adjust the Smartdrv cache to a lower setting. Also, the C: represents the harddrive letter you want smartdrv to cache.

    **If the above does not help, you can try running the SETUP.EXE utility located in the Redneck directory, select SOUND SETUP and setup your sound device, then adjust these options:
    NUMBER OF VOICES: select 4 or less.
    NUMBER OF MIXING BITS: choose 8-bit
    MIXING RATE: select 8 Khz

    When using these settings for sound, the game should run faster on your system.

    **You may also need to run at a lower screen resolution. We recommend using 640x480. If you set the screen to a higher resolution (like 800x600) then the game will run much slower.

    **If you still experience troubles, try installing the game from DOS rather than installing it from autoplay window in Win95.

    Problem: When starting the game, the screen scrolls and is unreadable.

    Solution: If you know what kind of video card you have, you may want to contact your video card manufacturer and request a VESA 2.0 compliant driver. However, if you don't know what kind of video card you have, you may go ahead and contact the company that manufactured your computer.

    Another source where you can find a generic VESA driver is at SciTech Software's Web Site on the Internet. There you can get a preview VESA driver (called SciTech Display Doctor) that may help you with your problem. Their address is:

    Once you download it, you can run the executable to install the driver. Make sure that you only install the UniVBE VESA driver, and not the UniPOWER and the VBE/AF Accelerator driver. (Note: If you have the ATI Mach 64 video card, the Scitech VESA driver will not work. You will need to contact the video card manufacturer at WWW.ATITECH.COM to get a Vesa 2.0 compliant video driver and installation help for it).

    Problem: I have an ATI video card using the M64VBE driver and am having video troubles with the game.

    Solution: Try running the M64VBE with the following switches: