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Technical Support


Platforms:   DOS
System Requirements:

  • Windows 95/98 *Not Compatible with Windows XP or 2000*
  • DirectX/DirectShow 6.1 or Better
  • Pentium 166MHz
  • 16MB RAM
  • 4MB 3d card (DirectX compatible)
  • 2x CD-ROM
  • System Recommended:
    Installation Tips: Default Install Directory: C:\INTRPLAY\WHIPLASH

    To Install Game:
    DOS Installation -
    1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.
    2. Type D: (or the appropriate drive letter) and then hit the ENTER key.
    3. Type INSTALL and then the hit ENTER key. This will begin the installation process.
    4. When the installation is complete, the program will ask you to answer some questions regarding your configuration of sound cards and other input devices. If at any time after doing this you wish to change your setup, please run the "Setup" program from the directory in which you have installed the game.

    Windows 95 Installation -

    1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.
    2. Click on the START BUTTON in your Windows 95 desktop.
    3. Select RUN.

    Game Executable:

      (DOS Version) - Whiplash.bat (Windows Version) - Whipd.pif or Whipw.pif

    To Start Game:
    In DOS -

    1. Type C: (or appropriate hard drive) and then hit the ENTER key.
    2. Type CD\INTRPLAY\WHIPLASH and then hit the ENTER key.
    3. Type WHIPLASH and then hit the ENTER key.

    In Windows 95 -

    1. Click on the START button.
    2. Select RUN.

    To Re-run the Setup: Install.exe


    Technical Support

    Demo Version

    Starting the game, you get a "Path not found" error.
    Unzip the demo with "PKUNZIP WHIPDEMO -D".
    Network errors or crashes.
    Download the updated version of to the directory you installed it to and Unzip the demo with "PKUNZIP WHIPDEMO -D".

    Retail Version

    Just released: 600k Whiplash Update for 3DFX video systems 540k Whiplash Update for Rendition video systems

    If you have one of these video cards, download the appropriate version, use pkunzip (29k) to extract the files, and run 3DWHIP or RENWHIP to start the game.

    Getting sound but no video with new HP computer
    The new HP computer has a special 3D version of this game bundled with it to show off what your video cards can do. This machine does have two video cards and they must be connected correctly for the 3D video to appear. You will want to contact HP to make sure that all cords on the back of the machine are connected correctly.
    All OTHER known problems should be corrected by installing the Whiplash Patch (470k).
    To install the patch, download the file to the directory you installed Whiplash to, use pkunzip (29k) to extract the files, From Windows95 - Double click on the "Wpatch1" or "Wpatch2" file, From Dos - Either type "Wpatch1" or "Wpatch2"

    This patch will fix the lock up that has occurred when specific older video drivers were used. This patch disables the Hi-res mode that causes this lock up.

    If the Wpatch1 file does not work, try the Wpatch2 file. Wpatch2 disables the high-res Interplay logo that has been identified to cause problems with Certain video cards.