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  • If things seem too hard – send more men! But don’t send them one by one, always group men before sending them into combat. In general you need as many men as there are enemies – sending one man alone is guaranteed to get him killed before help arrives.
  • The most important thing in most missions is food, so never leave food just lying around. Don’t forget that food starts losing value immediately; always have enough Grunts ready to collect any meat or vegetables as soon as they appear. Only make just enough soldiers to fend off enemies and then make only Grunts and keep them busy. You can use bones to purchase additional credits in some of the shops.
  • If you have time, send your men back to their huts so that they can heal. The left icon in the pop-up action menu sends your men to their respective huts.
  • Only delete men from huts if you absolutely have to! (E.g. only delete soldiers if you need some Grunts to pick up some food). Most men use resources to make, if you delete men instead of healing them, those resources will be lost. Resources are limited, you can easily run out!
  • Use the map to move around quickly, hold the L Button or the R Button to bring the map onto the bottom screen, you can then tap a point to go there or drag the box representing your point of view.
  • Remember, an Earth Goddess does you no good until she is in your storehouse. The quicker you get her tucked away, the sooner she’ll start accelerating your Fertil production.

ESRB E10+ Rating

Mild Cartoon Violence
PEGI 12 Rating

Game contains depictions of violence
USK 6 Jahren Rating OFLC PG Rating

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