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Technical Support
Title System Release Date
10th Anniversary Anthology DOS 1994-01-01
15th Anniversary Anthology Windows 9X 1995-01-01
Agent Armstrong Windows 9X 1985-01-01
American Deer Hunting 2000 Windows 9X 1900-01-01
Battle Chess DOS 1992-09-01
Battle Chess 1 / Battle Chess 2 Windows 9X 2001-05-01
Battle Chess 1/Battle Chess 2 Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2001-05-01
Battle Chess 4000 DOS 1991-01-04
Battle Chess CGA/EGA/VGA Windows 9X 1993-01-01
Battle Chess Collection CD-ROM Windows 9X 1994-01-01
Battle Chess Enhanced CD - Windows Windows 9X 1989-01-01
Battle Chess Enhanced CD-ROM DOS 1994-01-01
Battle Chess for Windows - Floppy Windows 9X 1989-01-01
Battle Chess II Chinese Chess DOS 1993-11-08
Battlecruiser 3000 AD 2.0 Windows 9X 1994-01-01
Beat the House Macintosh
Beat the House 1 & 2 / Solitaire Dlx Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2002-07-15
Beat the House 2 Windows 9X 1985-01-01
Blood and Magic DOS 1985-01-01
Blood and Magic J/C DOS
Bloody Roar 3 PS2 2001-05-22
Casino Master 3.0 Windows 9X 1997-01-01
Casino Master 3.0 J/C 2000-01-01
Casino Master 4.0 Windows 9X 2001-02-01
Castles DOS 1991-06-28
Castles II & Conquest Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2002-03-05
Castles II: Siege and Conquest DOS 1994-03-10
Castles: Northern Campaign DOS
Chessmates Windows 9X 1996-08-23
Chessmates J/C
Conquest of the New World Windows 9X 1996-06-01
Conquest of the New World Deluxe Edition DOS 1996-11-19
Crime Killer Windows 9X
Deep Sea Fishing 1 & 2 Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2002-01-30
Deep Sea Fishing 2 (Jewel Case) Windows 9X 2001-08-26
Deep Sea Fishing 2: Offshore Angler Windows 9X 2001-05-01
Descent Windows 9X 1997-01-01
Descent 1&2: The Definitive Collection Windows 9X 1997-11-06
Descent 2 DOS 1996-03-13
Descent 2 J/C Windows 9X
Descent 3 Windows 9X 1999-06-15
Descent 3 / Descent 3 Mercenary Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2000-12-01
Descent 3: Mercenary Windows 9X 1999-11-23
Descent Freespace: Silent Threat Windows 9X 1998-09-30
Descent Mission Builders 1 and 2 DOS 1996-01-01
Descent Sharware
Descent to Undermountain Windows 9X
Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War Windows 9X 1996-01-01
Descent: FreeSpace Battlepack Windows 9X 1999-09-07
Die by the Sword Windows 9X 1998-03-24
Die By The Sword/Limb From Limb Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2001-03-01
Die by the Sword: Limb from Limb Windows 9X 1998-09-28
Earthworm Jim 3D Windows 9X 2000-05-22
Earthworm Jim 3D & Bust A Move 4 Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2001-09-11
Evolva Windows 9X 2000-05-24
F/A 18E- Super Hornet Windows 9X 1900-01-01
F/A-18E Super Hornet Windows 9X 1900-01-01
Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster Macintosh 1995-01-07
FreeSpace 2 Windows 9X 1999-09-30
Freespace 2 Interplay 20th Anniversary Edition Windows 9X 2004-02-24
Freespace: Great War / Freespace: Silent Threat Windows 9X 2000-12-01
Giants / Evolva Dual Jewel Windows 9X, Windows NT 2002-07-15
Giants Citizen Kabuto: Strategy Guide Windows 9X
Giants: Citizen Kabuto (PC) Windows 9X 2000-10-10
Giants: Citizen Kabuto (PlayStation?2) PS2 2001-12-21
Giants: Music CD Windows 9X 2001-03-01
Interplay 15th Anthology
Interplay's 15th Anniversary Windows 9X, DOS
Interplay's Family Favorites Windows 9X 1996-01-01
Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus Windows 9X 2000-02-24
Jagged Alliance Windows 9X 1998-01-01
Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business Windows 9X 2000-12-01
Kingdom: The Far Reaches DOS 1996-11-08
Kingpin: Life of Crime Windows 9X 1999-07-02
M.A.X. DOS 1996-12-27
M.A.X. 2 Windows 9X
MDK Windows 9X 1997-05-01
MDK 2 Windows 9X 2000-06-27
MDK 2: Armageddon PS2 2001-03-26
MDK1/MDK 2 Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2001-08-27
Messiah Windows 9X 2000-06-28
Mig Alley Windows 9X 1999-12-15
Mummy Windows 9X 1996-08-30
Off-Road Redneck Racing & Int'l Rally Chmp. Dual Windows 9X 2001-10-23
Offroad Redneck / International Rally Dual Jewel 2002-03-10
Offroad Redneck Racing Windows 9X 2001-04-30
Original War Windows 9X 2002-03-13
PlaneScape: Torment Windows 9X 1999-12-15
Powerboat Racing Windows 9X 1998-03-30
Powerboat Racing: Pure Power Windows 9X 1999-03-12
Powerboat Racing: Pure Power/Whiplash Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2001-03-01
Prehistorik Man Nintendo DSiWare™ 2010-02-15
Rage of Mages Windows 9X 1999-12-10
Rage of the Mages 2: Necromancer Windows 9X 1999-09-09
Rags to Riches DOS 1995-07-10
Redneck Deer Huntin' Windows 9X
Redneck Deer Huntin' J/C
Redneck Family Reunion Windows 9X 1999-03-16
Redneck Possum Bayou DOS 1998-09-30
Redneck Possum Bayou J/C
Redneck Rampage Windows 9X 1997-05-01
Redneck Rampage - Box
Redneck Rampage J/C
Redneck Rampage MAC Macintosh 1995-01-01
Redneck Rampage/Redneck Rides Again Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2000-12-01
Redneck Rampage: Rides Again Windows 9X 1998-05-05
Redneck Suckin Grits DOS 1997-12-12
Renegade Racers Windows 9X 2000-02-01
Renegade Racers (PlayStation?) PlayStation
Run Like Hell (PlayStation?2) PS2 2002-09-29
Run Like Hell (Xbox) Xbox 2003-04-07
Russian Six Pack For DOS DOS 1994-01-27
Russian Six Pack For Windows Windows 9X 1994-01-27
Sacrifice Windows 9X 2000-09-30
Sacrifice / Messiah Dual Jewel 2002-03-11
Sacrifice: Strategy Guide
Screamer 4X4 2002-03-13
Septerra Core Windows 9X 1999-10-01
Shattered Steel Windows 9X 1996-09-27
Shattered Steel J/C
Soulbringer Windows 9X 2000-06-01
Soulbringer: Strategy Guide
Stonekeep DOS 1986-02-02
Stunt GP (PS2) PS2 2002-05-07
Super Runabout Dreamcast 2000-11-15
T-Rex Rumble Nintendo DSiWare™ 2000-06-01
Tanktics Windows 9X 1999-09-30
Tennis Windows 9X 1999-02-09
Virtual Pool Windows 9X 1989-01-06
Virtual Pool 1/Virtual Pool 2 Dual Jewel Windows 9X 2000-12-01
Virtual Pool 2 Windows 9X 1989-02-01
Virtual Pool 3 Windows 9X 2000-11-07
Virtual Pool Hall Windows 9X 1997-09-13
Virtual Pool J/C
Virtual Pool w/ Snooker DOS 1997-04-16
Voyeur DOS 1996-11-08
Whiplash DOS 1996-02-21
Whiplash J/C
Y2K The Game Windows 9X 1999-12-15