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Technical Support

Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster

Platforms:   Macintosh
System Requirements:

  • 256 color Mac
  • 5120K free memory
  • 68040 Power PC Processor
  • System 7.0 or later
  • System Recommended:
    Installation Tips: To Install Game:
    Windows v3.1 Installation -
    1. Insert the cd-rom disk.
    2. Click FILE at the Program Manager to begin.
    3. Click on RUN.
    4. Type D:\INSTALL

    To Start Game:
    In Windows v3.1 -

    1. Double click on the INTERPLAY program group.
    2. Double click on the FRANKENSTEIN icon.
    FAQ: Problem: I get to the end of the game and when I follow the hints from the book the game does not end.
    Solution: The book does have the improper ending sequence. You will need to do the following:
    1. Put Gabrielle onto the lab table.
    2. Locate the controls which are used for raising and lowering the table. Set the 3 leftmost switches to the left and pull the right switches down. They will be the opposite of what you see when you first find them.
    3. Retrieve the "Life Stone Crystal" from the dumbwaiter and place the crystal holder above Gabrielle.
    4. Go to the tower rooftop, release the kite when wind speed is between 10 and 20.
    5. Go down to the Lightning Coil Room and pull the switch on the control panel up.
    6. Go back up to the Resurrection Lab and locate the controls which are used for raising and lowering the table. Set the three leftmost to the right, and push the right switches up.

    Problem: How do I save my game? Hitting Alt-F like the manual states does not work!
    Solution: To save your game, you will want to press the SPACE BAR to open up a menu screen. Click on the word FILE and then click on SAVE.

    Problem: I get a blue screen with a Fatal Exception when I attempt start the game.
    Solution: When experiencing this immediately within the game you probably will receive the same error if you attempt to play the sample movie that is supplied with Quicktime. Within your C:\Windows\ folder you will find a file called QTW.INI. You will want to open this file and change the line that reads 'optimize=Driver' (or something similar) to read 'optimize=BMP'.