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Technical Support

Powerboat Racing

Platforms:   Windows 9X
System Requirements:
  • Windows 95/98
  • DirectX/DirectShow 6.1 or Better
  • Pentium 233MHz
  • 32MB RAM
  • 4MB 3d card (DirectX compatible)
  • 8x CD-ROM
System Recommended:
  • Pentium 266
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 8x CD-ROM
Installation Tips: Default Install Directory: C:\Program Files\VR Sports\Powerboat Racing\
To Install Game:
Windows95 Installation -
  1. Insert the CD into your CD-Rom drive.
  2. The auto-run screen should appear within a few seconds.
    • If the auto-run screen appears:
      1. Click on the INSTALLoption.
      2. Choose your installation directory & click OK to begin installing
      3. The game will automatically install DirectX if needed.
      4. Please reboot machine if prompted.
    • If the auto-run screen DOES NOT appear:
      1. Double click on the MY COMPUTER icon on your desktop.
      2. Double click on your CD-ROM drive icon.
      3. Double click on the SETUP.exe file.

Game Executable: In the directory where the game is installed, the icon with the words "PBoat.exe" below it.

To Start Game:
In Windows 95 -

  1. Insert the cd into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. The autorun screen should appear in a few seconds.
  3. Click on the PLAY option.
or, if autorun is disabled:
  1. Insert the cd into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Click on Start
  3. Choose Programs
  4. Choose VR Sports
  5. Choose Powerboat Racing

To Re-run the Setup: N/A

To Quit:

  1. You can exit by hitting ESC and then choosing Quit.

Problem: Receiving the message DINPUT.DLL (or some other .dll file) is missing.
Solution: It sounds like you might not have DirectX installed on your system or it may be improperly installed. Unfortunately, this game needs DirectX installed to work correctly. The install files for DirectX are located on your CD. Run DXSETUP.EXE under the DirectX folder.

Problem: Game randomly crashing or going to a black screen
Solution: It sounds as though DirectX may be improperly setup on your machine. You will want to run DXSETUP from the DirectX folder on your CD. It will bring up a display of drivers contained within your system. Be sure that all drivers are marked as CERTIFIED in the third column. If any driver is blank or is marked as "no hardware support" you will want to contact the manufacturer for that device for updated drivers that are certified with directX.

Problem: The game is not accepting the codes it gives me.
Solution: There are both Cheats and Passwords within the game. All the Passwords (ie. PLA - Old style boats in PSX version) need to be inputted within the Password field. All other codes (ie. ZOOOOOM - faster boats in PSX version) are Cheats and need to be typed into your Name field.

Problem: I see in the manual an option for Championship mode.
Solution: As you progress through the game you will be given passwords that will unlock more options. Only the most experienced racers are allowed to pilot the Catamarans, or enter the Slalom and Championship challenges.

Problem: When I start the game my Main Menu only has OPTIONS and QUIT.
Solution: This will happen if the games CD is not in the CDROM drive. You will want to Quit, insert the cd, and start the game again.

Problem: I am getting no response from my controller.
Solution: If you seem to be getting no response from your gamepad or joystick make sure you have set it up correctly and tested it in the Windows Control Panel. Please reference the
Powerboat Racing Joystick Troubleshooting page for more specific instructions.

If you have any further problems/questions, send email to VR Sports Support.