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Technical Support

Crime Killer

Platforms:   Windows 9X
System Requirements:

Windows ? 95 *Not Compatible with Windows XP or 2000* P133 or above VESA compliant SVGA card Windows ? compatible sound card 16 meg ram 4X or faster CD-ROM drive Direct X 5.0

System Recommended:
Installation Tips: Default Install Directory: C:\Program Files\Interplay Entertainment Corp.\Crime Killer\

To Install Game:
Windows95 Installation -
  1. Insert the CD into your CD-Rom drive.
  2. The auto-run screen should appear within a few seconds.
    • If the auto-run screen appears:
      1. Simply click on INSTALL & follow the onscreen instructions for installation.
    • If the auto-run screen DOES NOT appear:
      1. Double click on the MY COMPUTER icon on your desktop.
      2. Double click on your CD-ROM drive icon.
      3. Double click on the SETUP.exe file.

Game Executable: C:\Program Files\Interplay Entertainment Corp.\Crime Killer\Patrol\CrimeKiller.exe

To Start Game:
In Windows 95 -

  1. Insert the cd into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. The autorun screen should appear in a few seconds.
  3. Click on the RUN GAME option.
or, if autorun is disabled:
  1. Insert the cd into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Click on Start
  3. Choose Programs
  4. Choose Interplay Entertainment Corp.
  5. Choose Crime Killer
FAQ: ">Q: I am getting strange video/audio/input problems or getting an error about a missing DLL file.
A: It sounds like you might not have DirectX and/or DirectX Runtime properly installed on your system. This game requires these components to be installed on the system to work correctly. The required files are located on the cdrom. You will need to install these before attempting to run the game. The installation for these are as follows:
  1. DirectX-
    • Click on Start and then RUN- Type D:\DirectX6\DirectX\DXSetup.exe and click OK
  2. DirectX Runtime-
    • Click on Start and then RUN- Type D:\DirectX6\dxmedia\\DXMWeb.exe and click on OK

Q: The game is crashing when I attempt to run it.
A: This could actually be caused by a couple of different reasons. You will want to check the following:

  • The game requires that you have the current version of DirectX installed. You will want to reference the answer to the above question and/or our DirectX troubleshooting guide.

  • This may also be caused by another program runnning in the background. You will want to do the following:
    1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL. This will bring up a "Close Program" box.
    2. The only items listed should be Explorer and Systray
    3. Highlight any other item listed
    4. Click on End Task
    5. Continue back with step 1 until Explorer and Systray are the only items listed.

  • Try running the game again.

Q: I am getting no response from my controller.
A: If you seem to be getting no response from your gamepad or joystick you will want to make sure you have set it up correctly and tested it in the Windows Control Panel. Please reference the Joystick Troubleshooting page for more specific game related instructions.

Q: I am receiving a message: "To run Crime Killer your desktop display will need to be set to 800x600 and your colour palette set to 16-bit colour". How do I change my desktop display?
A: To change your desktop display settings you will need to press the right mouse button anywhere on your desktop. A pop-up menu will appear. select the bottom menu option: "Properties", which will then open the Display Properties window. Now click on the Settings tab. In this window you will now be able to ensure that your display settings are correctly configured for Crime Killer. Firslty, check the Display Area option, this should be set to 800 x 600. Next you will need to check the Colour Palette option, this should be set to 16-bit colour. Once you have made the necessary changes to your display settings, click on the Apply button in the bottom right corner of the window. You may be asked to restart your machine in order for the changes to take affect. If you experience any further problems please consult your hardware manufacturer for proper configuration of your video settings.

Q: I have a 3D accelerator card in my machine, although it doesn't appear to be working with Crime Killer.
A: When you run the game, the Crime Killer Acceleration Selection window will appear. This window allows you to alter your display driver. You will notice that the default driver is set to Primary Display Driver. Using this driver means that you will be using the Direct 3D support from your graphics card. If you have a 3D Accelerator card installed you should be able to select it from the Crime Killer Acceleration Selection Window.

Q: I'm using my primary display driver to run Crime Killer. In the 3D mode I have noticed a number of graphical glitches. Why am I getting these problems?
A: These problems are being caused because of the limitations of your graphics card. Many graphics cards don't have the actual hardware support for many of the visual features in the game. Please view the list of known problems below-

  • MATROX MILLENIUM II - All the vehicles shadows will appear as unshaded black rectangles. This is due to the card not having any support for transparencies.
  • STB NITRO 3D - The in-game text may sometimes appear distorted.
  • POWER VR - All the vehicles shadows will appear as unshaded black rectangles. This is due to the card not having any support for transparancies.

Q: The manual states that there is a Music Selection screen that can be accessed from the Options screen. Why can't I find the Music Selection screen on the Options screen?
A: This option was removed after the manual had been completed.